Since this is the introductory post, I guess I’ll start off with who I am and such.

I am an artist – illustrator, painter, comic book maker. As an artist I am currently part-time and a full-time employee at a credit union in order to pay the bills. My aspirations include making my artist life the full-time gig and still pay bills in order to keep my credit from sinking into the murky depths of the 600s tar pit. Mostly because I will shortly be in need of a new car.

Back to more fun things, the top image is one of my digital pieces that I currently have on my Facebook page. She’s one of the many works that I created entirely on my iPad. Sketchbook Pro is quite possibly the best app I ever paid for!

Hipster OstrichThat hip ostrich is one of mine too. He spawned from too much free time during Christmas when I thought it would be funny to send everyone I know a custom Christmas card with their very on hipster animal. Hours later and a considerably cramped hand I had produced a series. That series also happens to be available for purchase at my RedBubble store here.

I also work in more traditional media such as oils and charcoal. I really enjoy doing portraiture in the more tactile mediums that painting and drawing can offer me.

This fellow was for an assignment in an illustration course I took at ACC.

This fellow was for an assignment in an illustration course I took at ACC.

So this basically covers the surface of what I’m about. Now it’s on to you dear readers! Do you enjoy creating art? What sort of mediums do you like the best? Do you focus on any particular subjects or are you across the board like I tend to be?