3 Webcomics You Need to Know About

Do you know about webcomics?

Have you ever read any?

Honestly, it doesn’t matter if you answered “yes, no, or maybe” because these webcomics will knock your socks off with their unique art and story lines.

Up first is a great comic that consists largely of weekly one shots of Manly Men from comics, tv and video games making a go of it as civilians in our decidedly less macho world. Manly Guys Doing Manly Things also has the great set up of the latest page being on the home page [just as the other two] so you never have to search. You can start from the beginning of Kelly Turnbull’s series here. Another great thing about this artist is that she’s super active on the interwebs and you can follow her on Tumblr and Twitter as Coelasquid. Be sure to check out her latest and greatest: Platinum Black.

Second up to bat is a comic I discovered a few months back called Namesake. The story follows Emma Crewe, a woman who can travel to other worlds that we all know through fairy tale adventures in books and movies alike. Worlds such as Oz and Wonderland to name a few. The creators, Isabel and Megan, go all out when it comes to rich details and intriguing characters. They’ve been posting regularly 3 days a week since 2010, so find a comfy spot and get ready for a great adventure! They also have a store to satisfy your knew found love with some sweet merch.

As the trend has been, comic three is an entirely different chocolate box of feels and quirky times. Meaty Yogurt is the tale of Jackie, a woman following every zany train of thought in order to find a path the will keep her free of a mediocre existence in her small town. Definitely read the About page for a richer explanation and the origins of the title. So it’s time to stop reading here and go jump into Megan Rose’s fantastic comic from the start, right now!