What is Art Trending Now?

I certainly can’t speak for the masses, nor would I ever want to. I found a couple of articles recently about what the interwebs think is 2015 In. The blog Design District had a little chat with the internet gallery director of UGallery, Alex Farkas.

According to Farkas, Turquoise is the belle of the ball in the 2015 color wheel. Which, as cool colors go, ole’ turquoise is definitely a warmer fellow.The canvas featured in the article reminds me of an under water cavern lighted by the soft green glow of luminescent rocks.Or if you ever watched, Avatar the Last Airbender, it could totally be glow worms. 🙂

Nudes are a given. Impressionistic, abstract or classical forms all seem to be high in the search trends for Farkas’ UGallery. Abstract again, is a given. It’s a trend that’s been around for almost a century and certainly doesn’t look to be leaving the stage anytime soon. Personally, I’m not usually a big fan of abstraction but there have been occasions that an abstract has caught my eye and touched my heart.And lastly oils are still leading the pack, nothing encapsulates ‘classy’ like some oil based paint gobs on canvas [technical term :)] I really do enjoy making art with oils, though it’s quite a slow process, there’s nothing quite like the rich and vibrant colors you can produce with them.

Now for the more digital side, I happened along an article over at DigitalArts interviewing accomplished artist Jason Hayes on his opinion of the Wacom Cintiq 27QHD. Which, if you ever wondered as I have how “Wacom” is actually pronounced – he’s saying it correctly. I got schooled a few months back that is wack-com not way-com but now I cannot think of the word without thinking ‘like wack-a-mole, its wacom!’ From my take on the article, it looks like Wacom is The Trend for quality, professional gadgetry needed in every digital artist’s arsenal.

One day, Wacom, one day you shall be mine…

These I just a couple of sides to the art debate of what’s hot and what’s not [yeah, I said it] the ultimate decision is solely up to you and what you decided

So, you heard my take on what is trending in just a few fields this year, let me know what your take is on some recent art trends!

You probably weren't thinking nail art when we talk art did you? :) www.laneslacquers.co.uk

You probably weren’t thinking nail art when we talk art did you? 🙂

One day, when I have saved enough, I shall have this. warrickwongdesign.com

One day, when I have saved enough, I shall have this.

Just for a little added fun: here’s a quick video on what is considered to be the latest in nail art trends: Negative Space

2 thoughts on “What is Art Trending Now?

  1. I love this post on what’s trending in art now and I’ve been going back and forth on whether or not I need to invest in a Wacom tablet and I think you’re right about it soon being a necessity!


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